Monday, February 2, 2009

My Space

My Kitchen
From Scratch -- The Photos

A faux Gourmet Magazine look at my work area. My kitchen is a small square with counter and cabinets against one wall, and the rest of the space taken up by an old gas stove (hanging to the side of the stove are some decorative copper pans that serve to hide the plugged up holes from the old wood stove) and the refrigerator. I do have a nice pantry cupboard to the side of the stove. The 1940s cabinets are amazing--tall and deep, and my favorite thing about this old cottage kitchen.

I'll be day-dreaming about my space as I head back to work today after a week's vacation.


  1. Very nice photo layout..., and Patty looks so nice and calm and attentive -- or waiting for a treat! ;)

  2. Ric was hiding behind the refrigerator trying to get her to cooperate. :)

  3. I recognize my old wooden spoons - glad they are still being used.