Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Artwork Above the Stove

New Collage above the Stove--From Cards from a Children's Memory Game, illustrated by Charles Harper

In between baking a cheesecake Sunday, and making noodles for a neufchatel and shrimp alfredo (you'll get the recipe tomorrow), I finally sat down the with the children's memory game I had bought at Old Navy last week. My plan was to piece it together into a collage, frame it and hang it above the stove. The art is by one of my favorite artists of the twentieth century, Charles Harper. His style reduces the subject matter, mostly animals and nature, to its essential lines, capturing its essence. Being an outdoor nut, as well as a fan of minimal art (my non-food photography tends to wander down this path) the minute I saw Charles Harper I fell in love.

I spent over an hour trying to place the cards in a way that made sense, an in the end I fell back on my experience as a quilt lover and the daughter of a quilter (Mom‘s Blog) and hopefully managed to pull the colors into some semblance of order: the pinks/reds/oranges in the left hand diagonal and the blues and greens in the right, with the whites interspersed throughout.

Read about Charles Harper here:

Charles Harper at Wikipedia

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  1. I was going to comment on this the day you posted it but my computer has been acting weird off and on and I couldn't get it to post. I like the way you arranged the color on this.