Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Brunch--Chicken Biscuits

So my tummy was upset last week--that's actually putting it very mildly. I was home from work a day and a half, and in so much pain that I was longing to be with my co-workers instead of being at home in bed, or worshipping the you know what.

Wednesday, I finally managed late in the day to have some Liptons Chicken soup, and toast, and jello--and that was little bites and sips over a period of 3 or so hours. Most of the soup ended up down the kitchen drain. The thought of food was miserable--which is saying something, since usually I probably spend way too much time thinking about it.
Thursday, thank goodness, was my day off and I managed very wobbily, with lot's of rest breaks, to roast the chickens that I knew we'd need to see us through my long weekend at work, or else it'd be fast food for sure! I had about four bites of that chicken because it smelled so good, and because finally my stomach seemed to want something. Big mistake!

Friday, I made it through half a day at work, ate a little toast off and on that I told one of my co-workers burned like the fieriest of Mexican food, and then came home to rest that afternoon.
I finally managed to eat a full meal--a small serving of garlic pasta. It stayed down, but didn't feel so great.

Then Saturday morning I woke up hungry--not just hungry but craving of all things a chicken biscuit! And I actually felt almost normal after I ate it!
Here's the result of that craving:

Making Biscuits
Unfortunately, the biscuits turned out pretty flat. I believe the common metaphor is "like hockey pucks." They tasted yummy, but I was also craving a certain texture--so I tried again for Sunday Brunch.

I turned to one of the few food network celebrity chefs that I really care for--Alton Brown. AB always uses science as the basis for his recipes, and if ever I needed science it was now. Altons Southern Biscuits turned out wonderfully! Although the recipe claimed it would make a dozen, I only got six out of it.

Making Biscuits 2

This time I measured the dough to make sure it was the right thickness. I ended up with a much smaller round of dough. I made sure that the biscuits were touching. Also, since it seemed to be very important that the shortening, butter, and buttermilk remain cold, I put the unbaked biscuits in the fridge while I waited for the oven to finish warming up to the right temperature.

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  1. sorry to hear you have been sick! the biscuits look great - I think the problem I have with making them is I always have them too thin - I rarely have measured them - guess I should next time.