Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Thinking Ahead--Left Over Roast Chicken Stock


When I was off the weekend before last I made the Left Over Roast Chicken Stock for the Leek and Pea Risotto with Grilled Calamari. I had a bunch of things going on in the kitchen that day (actually, you might have noticed from the time difference between making a dish, and the actual time that it shows up here, that I've just been busy in the kitchen in general), but the wonderful thing about stock is that it works its magic in the background.

I just pulled the chicken carcasses from the freezer, tossed in the vegetables, herbs, and water and let it simmer! I ended up with about 12 cups, although the recipe said it would make six. Mine seemed very flavorful, and I let it simmer for longer than instructed, because I forgot about it. Shrugs. Who knows? I was pleased with the results.

After it cooled I put 6 cups in one ziploc bag for the Risotto, and bagged the rest in 2 cup quantities for future use. Now, I'll have broth in the freezer, ready to go when I need it. How's that for thinking ahead?

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  1. great thinking!